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When a group of artists with the same spirit, came together to help make a better Christmas.


Together, they recorded a special Christmas album, created a unique Christmas card and are organising a fabulous event where everyone can join in to help this amazing cause.


Everyone can be part of this Christmas magic by buying or downloading the Album. All results from this project are going for a local charity.


Pboro Artists United for… a better Christmas.


The Christmas CD Album #1



The Christmas Album is a central part of the project. A limited version of a CD Album that will be available for people to buy, to give out or to keep as a memory of this year project. This album is very limited edition as we are only making 500 in total and it will mark the very first of the collection.


In this album we have 13 Christmas songs that were recorded by local artists. Each artist has a different style of music and recreated the song in their own style and added their personality to it.


This Christmas Album will be the first of series of Christmas projects that we want to continue, evolve and enhance. Each album will be a limited edition making it a collectible item and a memory for the future.


To pre-order your album, please click on the button below.


Soon the design will be visible here. The Card is in production.

Limited edition

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